Stop wasting time.

No more Paper.

No more spreadsheets.

CyberCompass™ steps you through HIPAA compliance.

Best in class  –  Kept up-to-date  –  No worries for you.

Is your organization CyberConfident™?

The first step to cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance is a Security Risk Assessment.  However, that is only the beginning. Then you have to correct all of the issues you identified.  We take the pain out of the assessment and remediation.  CyberCompass™ saves you over 65% in assessment time and over 50% in remediation time.  It’s the smart way to improve cybersecurity across your organization and become compliant in the process.

Get started by selecting the plan that fits your organization!

Make sure you’re CyberConfident™.

Managing cyber risk and compliance goes beyond technology.  We offer a complete set of cyber risk management services to help you become CyberConfident™.  From easy and affordable HIPAA self-assessments to complete cybersecurity scans and virtual CISO services, we cover your needs.



Start with cybersecurity scans and a proper risk assessment to gauge where your organization currently stands.


Simple step by step prioritized remediation action guides to harden systems and engage employees.


Complete on-demand tool with reporting, dashboard, storage and vendor agreement management.
Proper cyber risk management spans people, processes and technology.





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